Here are links to some of the websites I have designed.

Tunnel Vision
My own website exploring the permanent lenticular installation
In downtown Westport, I created in 2014.

Edwin Wilson
Former New York theater critic writes "The Patron Murders" about a
murder that takes place at the Met

The Drew Friedman Community Arts Center
A non profit foundation created by the late Drew Friedman
to support the arts in Westport

Friends of Parks and Recreation
The offical website of the Westport Friends of Parks and Rec

Merritt Parkway Conservancy
The offical website of the Merritt Parkway Conservancy

Westport Arts Advisory Committee
A town committee in charge of preserving and promoting the arts

Hans Wilhelm
One of the most successful chuldrens' book authors in the world

Bill Mohr
The works of poet, of renowned author and teacher Bill Mohr.

Valerie Lynn Design
Super talented fashion designer, decorator and artist.

Bernard Perry
An amazing travel photographer, still workikng in his 80s.

Richard C. Frank, M.D.
A well-respected oncologist and Director of Cancer
Research at the Whittingham Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT

Robert A. Levine, M.D.
Author of three books, including "Defying Dementia and
"Shock Therapy," Dr. Levine is a neurologist at Norwalk Hospital

Farewell Travels
Created by talented writer and traveler, Susan Farewell, this
website is an invaluable souce of information, for all your travel needs.

Lucy Krupenye
Lucy works with bone, stone and rusted metal to create
very expressive and exquisite totems

Hip Hop for Kids
Liz Milwe is an award winning choreographer and film maker
and her website features her two new Hip Hop videos for kids

Christine Donner Kitchen Design
Christine Donner designs the kind of smart, attractive
kitchens you may never want to leave.

This wonderful organization and their dedicated staff provide
homes and opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

Roe Halper
A very prolific artist who works successfully in a varierty
of disciplines and media, including sculpture, paint and collage.

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